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Rain or shine, Aqzog Swimming lessons will continue as usual. We will do land drills, flexibility exercise, water safety talk and perform practical for swimsafer. We will resume lesson if pool open. Please make it a point to come for the lessons as such drills are equally important in swimming lessons. There will be no swimming lesson on 5th week of the month, eg, 29th,30th,31st and public holiday.

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Countdown to Rio Olympic (5th Aug Friday)
Interesting Facts

Fact #1: In Japan, you most certainly are required to wear a swim cap even if you are bald.

Fact #2: In 1912, Woman’s Event were added to the games in Stockholm.

Fact #3: Swimming was first featured in the olympic in 1896. The first events were freestyle and breaststroke. Backstroke was added into the olympic sport in 1904.

Fact #4: Johnny Weissmuller became the first person to swim the 100 Meter Free in under a min in 1922.

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Today, water safety is still our priority and we have means and ways to make the kids enjoy every swimming lessons, having alot of fun and learn at the same time. Soon he would forgot what is fearful of water. How is that possible? Our teaching methodologies, have thru the years developed, experimented and modified again and again to best suit the needs from a beginner to advance level. Which is why make Aqzog Swim School unique and so different from the rest.

We have a strong team of coaches comprises of Master Coach, Senior Coach and coach. You can pick your choice of coaches for your child. We are all well trained and responsible. We will guide and train your kids on best swimming practices, strokes development and drills. So you can be assured your child is moving toward proper stroke techniques and skill set. Sign up and see how we develop your child into a strong swimmer. 

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 Mon Queenstown 6:15pm (3 slots Available) Mon Queenstown 7pm (FULL) Tue Clementi 5:45pm (5 slots available) Tue Clementi 6pm (3 slot Available) Tue Clementi 6:30pm (4 slots available) Wed Queenstown 5:45pm (FULL) Thur Toa Payoh 5pm (3 slots available-Coach Alvin) Fri Clementi 7pm (2 slots available) Fri Jurong East 8:15pm (2 slots available) Sat Clementi 8:15am (NEW CLASS) Sat Delta 10am (5 slots availables) Sat Clementi 4:30pm (FULL) Sat Clementi 5:30pm (2 slots available) Sat Bedok 9am ~ 12pm, 3pm ~ 7pm (Coach Alvin) Sun Pasir Ris 10am & 11am (Coach Alvin) Sun Jurong West 9am (3 slots available) Sun Sengkang 3pm (FULL) Sun Sengkang 3:45pm (2 slots available) Sun Queenstown 5pm (FULL) Sun Queenstown 5:45pm (2 slots available)

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June2016 Swim Camp

Aqzog SwimcampJune
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Showcase after 6 days of swim camp

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Welcome to Aqzog Swim School

Aqzog conducts swimming lessons for all ages in Singapore. Currently, it offering Swimsafer awards and SSPA (Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards) to students. The swimsafers consist of 6 level for learn to swim program while the SSPA is another platform for high performance swimming such as competitive, and knowing the FINA rule to prevent a Disqualification during the race.

The Swimming lessons are well organised, progressive and trained by professional friendly certified swimming coach. Our coach take pride in our job and we are serious in doing our best to deliver the service.



How we work?

Recently, Aqzog conducted a holiday swim camp at clementi swimming complex. You can watch the swim camp video here.

Aqzog focuses on progression and techniques, studying on the human biomechanical functions and providing the best alternative solutions to the problems. Whether is a group lessons, or private lessons, they will be trained to become a more confident swimmer.

Given the right instruction, right approach, they can perform well in any given condition. Example: The founder believes that if the basic is started right from the beginning, the end process will be fruitful and rewarding. During the swimming lessons, drills and techniques will be introduced to improve the strokes such as body streamline, basic breathing technique, movement of arm and legs. Such errors are corrected at an early phase under the keen eye of the coaches to prevent bad habits from happening. If the beginner has a good basic foundation, the progress will be more efficient and effective. It brings thousand of smiles on their faces as an indication of rewarding and satisfaction at the end of the day.

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Aqzog Fly Drill Video

Benefits of a young swimming competition

A swimmer who started to swim competitively at young age will provide them the following benefits:

  • Providing a supportive, wholesome social outlet.
  • Learning sportsmanship, including dealing with winning and losing.
  • Developing team camaraderie and close friendships, many for life.
  • Learning goal setting, self-discipline and self-confidence.
  • Time-management: competitive swimmers are among the best students
Group 1 final day after 6 intensive lessons on 4th Dec 2015
View more Video here.

Always COUNT YOUR STROKESBest Practise

Picture Learning

Picture Learning With Easy to Follow Instructions.

AQzog Swim Courses Available
Intensive Holiday Swim Camp
Swimsafer Program
SSPA Program
Stroke Corrections Program
Life Saving Skill Program
STA Long Distance Swim Award
MOE School or Corporate Swimming Event

At the end of the lessons, students will be able to swim proper stroke on the front and back without support. Results varies according to age group.

Here is a video of the recent holiday swim camp.