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Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Welcome to Aqzog Swim School
Aqzog conducts swimming lessons for all ages in Singapore. Currently, we are offering Swimsafer awards and SSPA (Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards) to students. The swimsafers consist of 6 levels for learn to swim program while the SSPA is another platform for competitive swimming, and their FINA Rules. We have created a  quiz format for swimsafer theory learning both fun and interesting. Click here to play.

In Aqzog Swim School, we emphasize alot on picture learning. For instance, we ask swimmer to identify the fault/s of a faulty strokes to facilitate proper learning. Students learn faster when they can see and understand the illustration. After all, a picture tell a thousand words. As swimming requires a good coordination skills, we have all the tools and equipements to improve

We organised holiday swim program in june and december holiday. This holiday program consist of 6 days intensive lessons. Each lessons is 1 hour 30mins. Thru our experience and observation on these past intensive program, we had observed that kids learn faster as they have better memory retention characteristic where they could still remember what skills was taught  the past one day or 2. Some video of our past holiday swim camp can be seen here.

Rain or shine, Aqzog Swimming lessons will continue as usual. We will do land drills, flexibility exercise, water safety talk and perform practical for swimsafer. We will resume lesson if pool open. Please make it a point to come for the lessons as such drills are equally important in swimming lessons. During the land drills, we work on their core which are essential for swimming. The drills are usually jumping jack, crunches, squats, mountain crawl, sit and reach etc. So why drills are some important? These drills can promote and enhance your body flexibility therefore giving you a better range of motion (ROM).  A better range of motion can translate to better propulsion in swimming. At the same time, it also built your core muscle which give you the power in swimming.  

Please note there will be no swimming lesson on 5th week of the month, eg, 29th,30th,31st and public holiday. Lessons is considered done if lesson fall on public holiday


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Welcome our Coaches.

A big welcome to our certified swim Coach Rizal (Left), Coach Khai Leng(Middle) and Coach Herman (Right). They  have more than 10 years coaching experience.  Need their service? Click to engage them.

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About Swimming

Swimming is an Art. It has to be relaxed, and a proper strokes technique will provide a steady smooth flow of energy generate out of our limbs to give an effective reaction.

Swimming require a good sense of rhythm in term of breathing and  stroke pacing. The execution of the swimming strokes is like a car from stationary position to the moving position.  It start from slow to fast. Meaning to say, it need to be accelerated from slow action to a fast action. For instance the arm stroke of a free style.  A single arm cycle of a freestyle consist of a Catch, Pull, Push, Recovery, Arm Entry.  Total 5 component in a single execution. Read more.