June Holiday Swim Program 2020 at Clementi Swimming Complex
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When there are happy kids, you are glad to know they are having a great swimming lessons.
Happy kids having swimming lessons with in Singapore. 8 year old is doing his swimsafer gold this year, 6 year old is doing her stage 4 (Bronze) and the youngest is still learning stage 1.
Click picture to download the swimsafer model answers in pdf format.

Thank a Coach Today? You could get your Coach More Enthusiastic, Excited & Enjoy his job More? Yes you can Influence that. 🙂


To understand the PRESENT of a person, you need to look at their PAST, if you would like to know about their FUTURE, look at their PRESENT.


No lessons in April 2020.

Water Confidence

Once your child learnt to float on the surface, can voluntarily submerge in the water and feeling effortlessly in the water of varying depth, enjoying both conscious and instinctive ease of movement in a natural environment, you have a child that is confident in the water.

A Stable Body which can Maintain Balance With or Without Noise is a Good System.


We are a team of qualified NROC Swimming Coaches in Singapore. Our goal is to ensure that the child have a good swimming experience and water exposure as much as possible during his learning journey with us. “Every child deserve a chance to learn swimming and no one should be left behind”-AQZOG Founder

Uniquely AQZOG
Swimming Drill is Fun & Unique
We design drills that are fun and effective, yet easy to understand. This type of fun swimming application will make the kid’s interest last a life time. Who know he/she maybe the next swimmer to represent Singapore in future? 🙂
Picture Tell Thousand Words
We let the child learn swimming thru the swim animation app for the required strokes to get them have better understanding.
Swim Demo & Explanation
We keep instruction simple, easy and short. Along with a swim demo too.
Swimsafer Stage Checker
We create a quizzes for swimsafer stage checker so that parents/students can know what to expect for the test. View the Quizzes Here .
Buddy system Training
A good buddy system utilizes team work, keeping up to pace with each other, encouraging and motivate and more goal orientated tasks can be achieved.
  • -Lessons are progressive
  • -Easy Instruction with Effective Swim Drills
  • -Coaches are Friendly and Professional
  • -Our Coaches attend Monthly Swim Clinic for Swim update/Technique.
  • -Well Organised Lesson Plan
  • -Unique teaching methodology
  • -Swimsafer Certification Award for Achievement

Our Vision: To train swimmers to swim gracefully with good technique and make them feel surprised by their own achievement.


Teach Fundamental First before Training can Take Place.

– Bill Sweetenham (Great Australian Coach)

AQZOG Services
Weekly Group & Private Swim Classes
Provide weekly swimming classes in group or private at selected public pool, condo or pool at private estate. Sign Up Weekly Class.>.
Swimsafer Test
We offer Swimsafer Test for all age and all level. Book Swimsafer..
Toddler Swimming Program
We cater such services to toddlers from 12 months to 36 months of age. Our coaches are certified and trained. You may request for qualification upon request. Click to Call.
Holiday Swimsafer Program
We organised 6 days holiday swimming program in June and December every year. The child will be trained with swimsafer syllabus 3 times a week spread over 2 weeks. There will be a swimsafer test and certification. All levels are welcome to apply. The registration will be open to public on 7th April 2020 online. Save the date.
Swimming Competitive Opportunity
This is not a high end competition but a platform for swimsafer level of swim proficiency to SSPA proficiency level to take part. This is an opportunity for them to get exposure to competitive swimming so that they will understand what sportsmanship and team work is all about.
Short Course Swim Program for Biathlete/Triathlete
We provide Stroke corrections and training for biathlete or triathlete.
Swim fitness Program for Corporate Staff
Total Beginner, intermediate or advance swimmers who wishes to improve on their stroke at the comfort of their clubhouse pool are welcome. Our coaches can travel to your location for lessons.
Outdoor Swim Events
Every year, we collaborated with other coaches for water safety project so as to create awareness on water safety. In this assignment, the swimmer will have the opportunity to swim in open water for an adventure. SWIMFANTIC Open Swim Series was one we did last year and it was surely a good experience. View our Past Event/ Contributors here.>.

Coaches Job & Responsibility to Inspire, Motivate, and Groom any child into a confidence kid with Good Swimming Skills and Technique. In return, the Swimmer’s lasts their love for sports for a long long time.



Swimming is about connecting the dots. Whichever the dot, it needs to be properly set/ refine before it is ready to connect the next.


Reinforce Good Practice at Early Stage will Cultivate Good Swimming Habits for Life. Start it Right on First Dot. Bad Mistakes can be avoided if Errors are Being Corrected under a Watchful eye of an Observant Coach.


Champion are not born, they are MADE. They went through a series of struggles, failures, bitterness and long hours training to understand what winning is all about.

– Unknown

Find out our swimsafer stage checker. You will know your swimsafer stage in less than 30 sec. Click to Try out.


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