Singapore Swim Lessons

Group Class Sign up at $70 per pax per 4 lessons of 45min. (Free Cap & Goggle).

SC = Swimming Complex

Students can only fill up those existing group that are available at bukit batok. Text to find out the slot available. Upon enrolment, they will each receive a good quality swim cap, school T shirt and goggle and a swimsafer test for FREE. Text to find out more.


1st April 2019 (Monday), all public pools in Singapore will be closed for the staff annual event.

2nd april 2019 till 30th September 2019, Clementi pool will be closed for maintenance. With the closure of the clementi pool, we will be moving to bukit batok for all weekday classes and Saturday morning class will move to delta pool to start at 9:15am instead of 8:15am. Please take note.

FREE Copy of Motorskills Development Chart for 1 to 5 year old
This chart shows informations such as weight and height of their respective age and what motorskills they can do when they are at the growing stage from 1 year old to 5. Useful for new parents and toddler coaches.
Download Vern Gambetta Note (16th Jan 2019)
Vern Gambetta is in Singapore. Well known for his dryland drills exercise in most functional sports such as swimming, track and field, soccer, etc, the main whole idea is injury prevention. Doing dryland can also improve range of motions, flexibility n built core.
The download link has expired.

About the Coach:

My name is Raymond and have coach for many years. Currently a NROC 3 Coach in Singapore. In my past experience, I have attached with Singapore Sport School under Head Coach SEE and mentorship with Bill Sweetenham (Mar 2014) and Dr Tiago Barbosa (May 2014). I have benefitted greatly from them in understanding what great coaching is all about. That did not just stop there. I moved on in searching for new area of swimming coaching and find innovative ways to make learning swimming fun and enjoyable. Yet making it also effective and improving the kids motorskills as easy as possible. That was why most of my kids could improve within weeks. Not forgetting that they are only doing once a week for just 45min. 🙂

Seeing the kids improve has inspired & motivated me to bring them up to a new level of learn to swim performance. I will have myself to blame if the kid doesn’t swim well. Why? Because I am their coach and how they swim is my responsible.

ONE TIME Registration fee of $30 per pax will include t shirt, goggle and silicon swim cap.
$ 0.00
Fee inclusive of $30 Registration fee per pax which come with Cap, Goggle and T shirt.
This is a group class of 4 lessons of 45mins. Enrol now for the exciting journey. There will be a one time registration fee of $30 which will include cap, goggles and t shirts. Please read our terms and conditions here. Below are GROUP Class Sign Up Only. For private coaching, please send email to
Please note that trial is only applicable for 1 on 1 coaching only. Class can be arranged at a fee of $60 for 30min. There will be no trial class for other group sizes. Please choose the available slot only.
Fee is base on 4 lessons. Each Lesson duration is 45mins for kid from 5 year old and above.
$ 0.00
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