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Join our Holiday Program June 2020.

The registration for year end 2019 has ended. Book us early for the next batch in June 2020. Registration will start in april 2020. Click below to watch our previous swim program.

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What to Expect? 

Great positive changes in your child’s behaviour toward  swimming skills and water confidence. Better understanding on water safety and learning more water safety tips and survival skills. Able to recognise &  manage in the event of emergency. Much more water smarter than before.   These 6 days work magic for them really really well. A time well spent during the holiday.  Can’t wait to prove it to you 🙂 

Most Updated & Effective Lesson Plan

The lessons are revamped to cater to the needs of the learner. Over the years, we attended swim clinic & workshop host by world class coaches. Then we modify the program to make it simple for the children. Because we wanted to  created drills that are fun and effective for your child and make learning fun.

Confident Kids

Evolved totally to confident kid & Strong swimmer. Our training methodology and training approach is very different from most school. So we are special in this sense. Seeing is believing. 🙂  Beside they will also learn the water safety skills,  the safety rules & learn how to react dueing an emergency.

Water Smart

Gaining knowledges & be water smart. End of the 6 days, you have to show what you are worth. Prove your talents & get Certified by Swimsafer. (Recognised by MOE). All levels of swimmers are welcome to apply. We have coaches to cater to different levels of swim proficiency. 

Next Registration for June Holiday 2020 starts April 2020. Read more on MOE Swimsafer Update

FAQs on MOE Swimsafer Matters

What Our Clients Say

About AQZOG Holiday Swim Program

“My child was afraid of water until he joined AQZOG Swimming program. Now he is looking forward to every swimming lessons.  The coach is patient and understanding to the needs of the child. ”

Mary Ann

“My children is going for their school swimming program next year and so I enrolled him to prepare him well. Surprisingly, the program was not difficult for him to catch up and the coaches were professional in handling the kids.”

John Tan

“I strongly recommend this to any kids who are preparing for their school swimming program next year. I was glad I found Aqzog Swim School for my children’s swimming lessons.  By doing so,  I could save time on weekly swim classes for my children to focus on other activities. ”

David Lee
Season Greeting

Wishing all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Your talent unveil.

Some of events

Closed for registration.

Oversea Race Opportunities

Fin Swimming (New)

Finswimming is an underwater sport consisting of four techniques involving swimming with the use of fins either on the water’s surface using a snorkel with either monofins or bifins or underwater with monofin either by holding one’s breath or using open circuit scuba diving equipment.

Watch Video

Queenstown Swimming Complex, 7pm every Tuesday.

Skills Proficiency

Must be able to swim at least 50m Freestyle.

Qualifying Age

Age 9 year old and above.

Equipments to try

Fit on the monofin & off you swim like a dolphin.


Developing younger children with  Aquatic Readiness, Water Competency, & the Best Swimming Experience.



Errors detected & corrected  early to prevent bad habits, & ensure students gain confident in a speed lightning mode.


Each & every swimmers do different skillsets base on their abilities. The best part? The weak pair up with the strong & helping each other.


Step by step, small movement first, large movement later. They learn it Simple, Easy & Fun. That’s the whole idea of our lesson plan. 


Old school of taught might not be relevant in today’s society. So we created new drills  & built a more robust training plan yet, making  learning  fun. That make us Special.

Squash Coaching

Lawrence Tan, a certified NROC coach for squash at SAFRA Tampines. Wednesday and Thursday (7pm onward), Saturday (7am to 12pm).  Call or Sms 96783091 to find out. 

Social Engagement

You can find more photos and updates on our social media on water safety tips, training program, swim program update, etc. Stay engage with us at Social Media.  

Tech Athlete Swimming

AQZOG is proud to have Tech Athlete onboard to promote swimming lessons for MOE project. For any matter pertaining to MOE Swimming lessons, you can contact Desmond Yong at 91078512.  


Do you know  Swimming  make Kids SMARTER? 

They need to coordinate their limbs movement, along with their breathing and the rythmic flow of pace. Then the brain need to work abit to translate those thoughts into actions. That is why. WATCH TO FIND OUT new linkSign Up Holiday Swim Program.


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