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All you want to know is in our FAQs be it swimsafer 2.0, swimming strokes, achieving milestone etc.

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Developing Water Competence in Young Children. Drills & Technique work are part of our swimming programme as well as correcting poor techniques. ALSO, We never compromise Water Safety for your children. 

Your Child’s Safety is ALWAYS our TOP priority. 

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Student Andy (7) was fearful of water and always cried at every swimming lessons. Today he is a confident kid and has attained his bronze in swimsafer.


SengKang Swimming Complex

Chole (5) started swimming lessons at age of 4. She was not afraid of water during her first lessons. Thus her progress was abit faster than her peers. She is waiting for stage 3 swimsafer test in march 2018.

Housewife Helen

Floridian Condo 

Alexis (8) started group lessons at clementi pool every friday. Not so afraid of water and has some swim experience before. He enjoyed every swimming lessons with the coach. And even say he want to be faster than those older boys. Let’s see.

Father Henry

Clementi Swimming Complex

Thank you AQZOG. I have no regrest enrolling my son for the recent holiday swim camp. It worked like a charm. Now my kid can swim on his own after 6 days of your lessons.

Joseph Tan- Kid’s Dad

Clementi Swimming Complex

I have never seen my son enjoying his lessons before. The way they conduct the lessons was truly amazing. Thumb up!!

Philip Yeo – Kid’s Dad 

SengKang Swimming Complex

It’s amazing how AQZOG could trained even my 4 year old kid to gain water confidence in such a short time. Appreciate and good job.


Batok Swimming Complex

Our Team

We are ready to serve you in every Corner of Singapore.  

Coach Raymond

Coaching at West Side & Central. Coaching experience:  < 12 years

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Coach Cody & Yvvone 

Coaching at East side & Bedok. Coaching experience:  < 12 years

Email me

Coach Herman

Cocahing at Delta. Queenstown and Seng Kang. Coaching experience: < 12 years

Email me

Coach Elvin

Coaching at Bedok, Pasir Ris, Central. Coaching Experience: < 20 years

Email me

Coach Soon Heng

Coaching at  Bukit Batok Mostly and west side condo. Coaching experience: < 12 years.

Email me

Coach Ken Siah

Coaching at East Coast and Katong area.  Coaching experience:  < 15 years

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Coach Lawrence

Coaching at Delta, Queenstown, Clementi and all condos.  Coaching experience:  < 12 years

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