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All you wanted to know


What does AQZOG stand for?
  • A= Achieve Certification
  • Q= Quality Coaching
  • Z= Zestful Swimming Lessons
  • O= Organised
  • G= Grow core values.
Who is the founder of Aqzog?
Coach Raymond Tan is the owner of this school. He has been a avid swimmers in his early days involving in triathlon, navy biathlon and marathon. Loves swimming as a kid, it was only much later he was into event competition. Coach Raymond has been coaching for more than 12 years and his positive attitudes and keen approach to improve his coaching swimming knowledge never end.

Before becoming a full time coach, he worked at Hewlett Packard (Depot Site) for 15 years taking care of product engineering to packaging design one up carton. His knowledge base on processes and brainstorming ideas came useful when he venture into swimming where this is also another opportunity he could do likewise. For example in one of his observation of a swimmers, he could tell you more than 1 solutions to a single problem. So that gives the swimmer a few options to try out to get it right at his own preferred choice.

Coach Raymond became a full time coach in 2013 after resigning from his company. He felt his passion toward coaching is more challenging than just sitting on a 9 to 5 job. It was a hard decision to make but he decided it was for the good that he wanted to contribute.

The learning journey never end and every day there is always something new to learn. HIs famous quote /advice: ” Do not short change. Reinforce good practise at early stage will cultivate good habits in long term.” He would scribble ideas on a notebook, attending courses to improve knowledge on coaching, interpersonal skills, etc.

Today Coach Raymond is a NROC level 3 Master Coach and he has a part to play in nurturing young swimmer to love swimming and making lessons fun and interesting. 

What advice can you give about being an efficient swimmer?
  • Every Champion were once a beginner.
  • Most serious swimmers have a good time management.
  • Winners come in all different sizes,shapes and forms. 
  • You can increase flexibility by stretching and doing land drills.
  • In order to win, you must do extraordinary things and do creatives drills that will make you improves.
  • You have to value success more than others do.
  • You have to train more and train harder than anyone else.
  • You must be willing to stand out in the crowd and consistently take exceptional action.
  • If you want to win, you need to accept the risks and train alone at times.
  • You need to be able to plan your time to balance sports and studies.
  • Be prepared to overcome obstacles such as naysayer, negative people trying to bring you down, influencing your mind, distraction, confusion, etc. Stay positive always and focus on what you want.
During the Wet Weather, what type of suitable program the kids can do?
Below are some of the exercise they can do during the bad weather. Swimming is not only about spending time in pool. They need to built their core muscles and improves on their Range of Motion by doing the land drills. This drills also emphasize on coordination and feel for rhythmic pace which is essential for swimming.  Weight is not necessary for kids at the moment. 


1. Will my child be able to swim after the 6 days swim camp?
Yes. For the beginner,  the child to be able to do front float and back float, and be able to at least swim 10m on the front and 5 m on the back and also enhancing their level of water confidence. For those kids in the intermediate level, there will be an improvement on their stroke techniques and stamina. Using our proven drills and coaching methods that were use successfully over the past few years, we know the effective ways to train your kids well.
Is your credit card payment secured?
Yes it is. Our website is secured with SSL 256 bit Encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a protocol which creates a secured connection between a client and the server over which to send information.

All transactions should be secured with SSL protocol. Using SSL helps to encrypt the information so that the card details and all other sensitive data is protected. Of course, improves payment security, and also makes customers more willing to make purchase.

The SSL is symbolised by a padlock icon in the URL bar, and the web address begins with https. A valid SSL Certificate is an assurance that information which you will share on this site, will be sent in as encrypted, safe way. So you can make purchase with a piece of mind. πŸ™‚

The credit card billing will reflect “AQZOG Swim Camp” as your payment merchant in your next credit card statement.

How can I know if my payment is successful?
You will be prompt “Your credit card payment of $XX was successful. Thank you for enrolling in your child for our 6 days intensive swimming camp at Clementi Pool. Please check your inbox for the notification email.. If you need further assistance, drop us a note at ask@aqzog.com or call/sms me at 91375141 or 88282528. We will gladly keep in touch with you for any issues.” Beside this, you will also received an email confirmation with all the details you have just filled. Check your inbox for the confirmation email. Otherwise check your junk inbox.
My child can swim already. Can he still join? Will there be a test?
Yes, he can still join and he will do the drills specified to his ability. Different skills ability will do different skill set drills in accordance to their level of proficiency. We keep the group small and have 2 coaches around to cater for different level coaching. If your child has a swimming proficiency level that matches the required swimsafer stages, he will just do the swimsafer test base on his level.
What is the duration of the swimming program and venue?
The duration is 1 hours and 30min for 6 sessions at clementi swimming complex.
How often do you organise the holiday swimming programmes?
We organise the holiday swim programme in june and dec holiday every year. This has been our 6th consecutive years in hosting such program and we were glad to train every kids successfully.
What he need to bring for the swimming lessons?
He will just bring along his own swimming attire. We will provide your kids with the T shirt, Cap and Goggle. We have all the swimming accessories for the event so you do not need to bring even your kickboard.
Why does my kids need to wear the t shirt for swim?
Wearing t shirt to swim is to create a drag in water so that your child will get use to the resistance in the water. That could prepared them well in their swimsafer test next time. If you look at the swimsafer syllabus, most of the stages requires them to wear a t shirt.
Is this swim camp going to be relevant when they do the school MOE swimming lesson?
Yes it is.The coach is swimsafer 2.0 certified and has the knowledge on the swimming requirement. Thus you can be assured that your child will be going thru the swimsafer syllabus. The holiday swim program is similar to the one he is going to attend in their school swimming programme. Moreover, our coach were being hired to train most MOE swimming lessons so you can be assured of the relevancy.
What happen if it rains?
We will monitor the weather alert system and review the case by case basis. In some cases, we will likely to push for another day or make an extension as make up. But we will let you know of the decision when the time come.
How do I know if my child has enrolled?
Upon submitting the details, you will received an email notification indicating the details you have filled. Check your inbox or if not check your junk inbox. Otherwise you can email ask@aqzog.com to send you a copy if you cannot.
Will there be any test at the end of the swim program?
Yes there is.Over the 6 days intensive program, their skills and water confidence could have improved and they should be ready for the test.
Where can I see the schedule or sign up for the holiday swim program
Stay tune for the next update.
Wish to be reminded for our next swim camp intake in nov/dec? Send us a request.
You can forward us an email and our staff will do their best to reply you within 3 working days. Simply click the email icon below the screen to write us or call us.

All Sign Up Page

Click here to view all the sign up page in one place.

Kids that Learn Swimming Are Smarter.

MOE School Program

Is swimming complusory for primary school students?
Yes.The ability to swim is a required learning outcome within the PE Syllabus 2014, thus all primary schools are required to offer a swimming programme to their pupils. The swimming programme is part of the broad-based movement education for all our pupils that covers a variety of learning areas in PE. Through the swimming programme, the pupils will learn to be water-safe and acquire life-long swimming skills.
Can I opt my child out of the swimming programme?
The ability to swim is part of movement education within the Physical Education (PE) Syllabus 2014. Furthermore, water safety and water survival skills are essential for a child’s safety. Hence, all pupils are required to participate in the swimming programme unless there are strong medical reasons for the child to be exempted. Permission for exemption must be sought from the school.
Can my child be exempted from the school swimming programme if he/she already possesses Swimsafer Stage 1 certification?
No. Children with SwimSafer Stage 1 certification should move on to Stage 2 or higher in order to acquire the necessary swimming skills. It is better for them to complete the whole swimsafer program until stage 6 for a more swimming proficiency ability and water smart. Make swimming a passion for them and it swimming is a skill which last you a life time. So keep swimming.
What is the duration of the swimming programme?
Refer to programme provided by your school, typically, it will goes like this….
07 30 – Reporting time
07 45 – Travel to the destinated Swimming Complex
08 15 – Swimming starts
09 35 – Rinse & Change
09 55 – Return to school
10 15 – Recess break
Can my child report to school at 10:45am if he/she is exempted from the school swimming programme?
No. Children who are exempted from the school swimming programme will be engaged in PE-related activities in the school.
Different school may have different activities. You may check with your respective school on this.
Can my child report straight to the swimming pool for the swimming lesson since we live near the swimming pool?
Depending. You have to check with your school as different school has their own rules and regulation.
Do I need to pay for the swimming programme?
No. The programme is fully sponsored by Singapore Sports and Ministry of Education.
Does my child need to bring extra clothing for the swimming programme?
Yes. Please bring an extra pair of clothing for swimming purposes. T shirt and short for stage 1,2,3,4 and long sleeves and long pant for stage 5 and 6.
I heard the swimsafer 2.0 has timing involved for the swim. Is that true?
Yes. They need to be able to complete the swim in certain timing for certain stroke for silver (Stage 5) and gold (Stage 6). You can check the swimsafer 2.0 syllabus here. READ MORE
Can by child quit swimming from his private coaching after attaining stage 1 from school?
No.Stage 1 to stage 3 is just laying the foundation of basic swimming. At stage 3, your child’s swimming proficiency is not yet 100% and still need guidance. Other strokes such as survival breast stroke, side stroke and dolphin /butterfly will only be taught at the higher stage. Thus it is recommended that your child achieve all certification to complete the whole program.

How do I know if the coach are certified to teach swimsafer ?
The vendor is usually MOE approved and all the coaches are being screened by MOE before they could teach the MOE project.

Swimsafer 2.0 Theory Quizzes

You can find them here. Click here.

SSPA Matters

What is SSPA?
SSPA stands for Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards.
What is the purpose of SSPA?

  • To provide progression for swimming after SwimSafer
  • To raise the level of swimming proficiency of students and the general public
  • To increase the level of technical expertise among our swimming coaches
  • To provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers
How often does this SSPA Event Occur And where?
It occur every quarterly starting march or april then june or july and sept thru nov depending on the schedule. But it is definitely occuring during such time. The location could range from Jurong West, Toa Payoh, Tampines and Seng Kang. It will be pinned up under the Event Page when we have news. So stay tune.
Does attaining SSPA qualify my child for DSA?
No. SSPA does not qualify your child for DSA. Unless he or she is into SNAG final (Top 5%) category.
What is SNAG? How to train for that?
SNAG means Singapore National Age Group. It is held around March every year at Aquatic Centre. A typical top swimmers in SNAG has a routine of swimming 5 times a week, 2 times a day clocking a total of 4km to 6km per sessions with one dry land gym workout weekly. Some school such as Singapore Swimming Club, Ace Swim Club, Swimfast aquatic, APS, SwimDolphia Aquatic and CSC provide such training. You can check with them directly.

General Questions

Why need to learn swimming?
We are living on the earth planet which contain 70% water and only 30% are land. Meaning we are surrounded by water and so it is important to learn to swim as a form of survival if we come in contact with water.
Why land drills are important beside swimming?
Land drills improve your core muscles, and increase your awareness in your biomechanics movement relating to swimming. It helps to create a mind mapping of the specified strokes so that kids can perform better. The picture show a list of benefits. 
Where can I find NROC coach?
What else beside learning to swim is important?
Scientist have shown that kids that learn to swim at early stage tend to reach developmental milestone earlier than the norm. They usually do well in Maths and Music. Watch the video here to find out
My child's academic score poorly recently. Should he quit swimming?
Swimming once a week is not going to affect your child’s studies in anyway. Beside it is a good form of relaxation and exercise to keep his brain active and fresh. The famous saying “All work and no play, make Jack a Dull boy” might hold true. So he should not quit and continue to improve his swim technique.
What benefits does swimming provide?
It strengthen your core muscles, improve on your cardio respiratory system and improve your posture. It also make your movement more flexible and swimming is proven to have an anti aging effect. They make you look younger longer. And the best part about swimming is that it is a injury free sport.
What is the best age to learn swimming for a child?
Usually 3 year old onward is a best age to start. They could usually swim 25m to 50m by 5 years old. You can read more about age group swimming here. 
I am already an adult but without swimming knowledge. Is it too late to learn to swim?
You can still learn to swim even if you are an adult. There is no age limit when come to learning swimming. Recently a client who is 65 year old has started to learn to swim and he could pick up the skills too. Very young at heart.
How many lessons required to be able to swim?
Being able to swim is a general term. To be more specified, being able to swim meaning you can tread water, survival on your own when you encounter an emergency and know how to swim to make your escape etc. To be able to do the mentioned need at least 12 sessions and above.
Which stroke is easier to master?
Front Crawl and Breaststroke are both easily master. Depending on your preferred choice. Aqzog is creating a drills that you can master both strokes in just one drills. Isn’t that interesting? πŸ™‚
I find that everytime when I swim, I started to sink. Why so?
This could be due to your breathing habit or your body posture. Check with your coach.
Which stroke is the fastest ?
Front crawl.
Are you a certified swimsafer Swim Coach?
Yes I am. You can request for my credential to confirm.
Can my child start competitive swimming even if he does not have any swimming background?
We have to assess his current swimming proficiency level and best advise you from then on.

All about that Stroke

We make those animated swim video with the hope that the students can capture the idea easily and more effectively. Thus making it more effective for them to apply. At the same time, coaches can keep this as reference for your coaching purposes. A picture tell a thousand words but the animated picture could tell million words. πŸ™‚



Freestyle (Front Crawl)


Survival Backstroke

Side stroke

Back Problem Matters

I have seen a specialist and was asked to do swimming as a form of healing theraphy. What does that has to do with swimming ?
Swimming is a form of exercise which helps to strengthen your overall body posture and believe it or not, swimmers hardly have back problem if you notice. Your coach will advise you more on that.

What causes the back problem ?
  • Lifting a heavy object, or twisting the spine while lifting
  • Sudden movements that place too much stress on the low back, such as a fall
  • Poor posture over time
Will it cure my back over time if I keep on swimming? 
Yes it will. I have an adult who has quite a sever back problem. He has been swimming for almost 4 years now. He sleep better now, back pain has lessen too and his overall body posture has improved than years back. So your perseverance is important in keeping your health care in check and balance.
What are some of the recommendation you can give to improve my back problem?? 

Below are some of the exercise you can do to improve. Hope this help. πŸ™‚

JSA (Junior Sports Academy)

What is JSA all about?
The JSA programme is part of MOE’s provision for primary school students with higher abilities in the physical domain. It seeks to provide opportunities for these students to discover their sporting strengths and passion, and subsequently to commit to a sport with more targeted support from schools and relevant sports organisations at the secondary education level and beyond. You can find more information here.

Does enrolling my child in JSA will qualify my child for DSA?
No.For queries on JSA, please contact:
Physical, Sports & Outdoor Education Branch
Email: MOE_PSOE_Branch@moe.gov.sg
Tel: (+65) 6468 4293

Water phobia matter alot

How to tell if my child has water phobia?
They probably treat water as their biggest enemy. They dislike having water on their face, and refuse to wash their hair often.
Why my child has water phobia?
Bad water experience during childhood such as near drown case or when they were babies, they drank some water while showering and parent were not aware.
What are the symptom of water phobia?
Symptoms are: an immediate feeling of intense fear, anxiety, and panic when thinking about water a persistent, excessive, or unreasonable fear when exposed to water recognizing that the fear of water is excessive or out of proportion to the actual threat avoidance of water, sweating, rapid heartbeat,  tight chest and difficulty breathing and in worse case, nausea dizziness or fainting
Can a person with water phobia be cured?
Yes it can. Dealing with fear of water can be harsh on the victim but it can be managed and successfully overcome. The fearfulness associated with water can be removed and the quality of life can surely be improved.
What will happen if a child having water phobia grow into an adult next time?
As the years pass, the child will grow up and his fear for water will be greater and he will be more fearful. And there will be a flashback in his mind and he is constantly in fear of water. But with the help of a professional, it can be overcomed.

Any other question?

You can forward us an email and our staff will do their best to reply you within 3 working days.

Swimsafer 2.0

When was swimsafer 1.0 expired?
Swimsafer 1.0 was expired on 15th April 2018 with the introduction of swimsafer 2.0.
Is it true that swimsafer 2.0 still be issuing e certificate?
Yes. It will be unlike the old one where physical certificate will be issued. For 2.0, e certificate will be issue instead. Meaning online certificate, according to the source.
After I passed the practical for swimsafer 2.0, how do I take the theory?
Your instructor will send you the assessment code which contain 8 Character in a Form like “QP2KLAR”. Keep the code and login to the swimsafer theory website with your kid IC number and their Birthday. You can get the link from your instructor.  There are only 3 attempts to do the theory. So make it good the first 2 attempts. If you need more information, write to ask@aqzog.com.
What are the changes for swimsafer 2.0?
For swimsafer 2.0, pupils need to be able to swim 50m for Stage 5 (Silver) and 100m for Stage 6 (Gold) on Freestyle (Front Crawl), Breaststroke, and Backstroke. In addition, they need to know fly, dolphin, side strokes and survival breaststroke and must able to swim without wearing goggle.
What is Survival breaststroke?
Survival breaststroke is simply swimming breaststroke with the head constantly above the water. This is for the purpose of sighting and nagivation during the swim.
If my child can swim only 3 strokes, can he do the silver or gold stage?
Probably not until he can complete the required action item listed on the respective stage. One item fail constitute failing the whole syllabus for that stage.
Does the Gold swimsafer certificate qualify for DSA?
No, it does not qualify for DSA.
Where can I find more information about the update swimsafer 2.0 syllabus?

After attained Gold in swimsafer 2.0, what can my child do next? Should he quit swimming?
At this point of time, your child already has a good foundation of strokes technique being able to swim faster that meet the stipulated timing for Gold. He can do Long distance Swimming, Local Swim Meet, Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award, Life Saving 123 or be a Water Watcher. (For more details email ask@aqzog.com). He should not quit swimming and should continue to pursue this swimming as a form of leisure swimming and upgrading for his future benefits. As swimming is a very technique based program, the feel for water needs years to master and feel comfortable. There are some instance where the kids keep swimming all their life till adults and still do. To keep your child to stay  in the sports  for a long period of time depending on the coaches influences, his circles of friends, and his positive mindset.

Swimsafer 2.0 Syllabus
Book Swimsafer 2.0 Test at Batok or Clementi

$ 0.00
I notice that there is no stage suitable for my child to do, what should I do?
You can take advise from your coach on what’s his swim proficiency level and let us know by Clicking here to
Sending us an Email
or simply click the email icon below the screen.
Is it better to treat child with water phobia rather than wait until they grow up?
The early he overcome the fear of water, the better. Do not wait till he is much older. When a person is older, the flexibility decreases and not as agile as before. 

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