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What kind of Swimmer are you?

The coach repeatedly criticizes your stroke

Age 3 to 7 year old
Do you know that your child first lessons with the right coach is critical? Whether your child love swimming or hate it start with the first lesson. As swimming is a technique based sport, selecting the right coach for the right job is essential. Obviously you will want to look for a good quality coach for your child. So as the kids ages 3-7 is starting their new water environment journey toward swimming, your child may or may not always be happy during lessons. Most people aren’t happy when they are asked to do something new. Bearing in mind that you are giving your child a life saving and life-enriching skill and eventually over the time, they will be very happy that you did make them go for lessons and stick with it Rain or Shine. Our swimming lessons is always fun and they learn thru the games that they play. Click here to Sign up. 

Age 8 to 12 year old
Select a age group swimming program for your kids. At this stage, more technique into swimming are introduced such as turn, swim technique, FINA rule. They also have to understand the purpose of the swim meet is not to win but to stay discipline and focus on their finer things in life, get more exposure to the tense environment so that they will not be shy away and more importantly, improving on their social and presentation skill next time. 

Age 13 onward
Train for the purpose of race preparation. Do not train just to train but relate everything that you have done in the past learning experience that everything you do in training to how it will help you race. Work on the intention and focus on the weaknesses, train hard on it. Perform good quality drills to enhance the stroke. Hidden training such as how you eat, sleep, rest and think will affect your success. So plan your time and manage them well. 
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