We are a team of friendly and professional coaches who are well trained to give your child a good swimming experience. Our experienced coaches have done coaching from beginner to advance. They have coached for MOE Swimsafer Program for most primary schools and secondary school. So you can be assured that they are good with children. Smiling kids make means so much coaching fun for them. When the kids keep wanting to come for swimming lessons weekly, you know for sure they found the right coach. Catch them in action soon.

Coach Raymond, Founder of AQZOG.COM is currently NROC Level 3 Coach in Swimming. His specialty is Breaststroke & Butterfly.

Coach Jason belong to the pioneer batch of coaches in the early 80s. Tons of coaching tricks and experience in his hand. Good with children.

The first day with the right coach is a good experience. When your child keep crying/ or feel reluctant/ lost interest to the sports, is time to re ignite their interest with different type of learning methodology. A smiling kid is a happy kid. That does make so much sense.

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