Latest Update on 27th Mar 2020

From Straitstimes: Banned during this period are enrichment activities or tuition for children 18 years of age and below at an enrichment or tuition centre or sporting facility, and the provision of goods, entertainment or services at bars, karaoke lounges, nightclubs or discotheques. Read More.

Update from MOH

Sports centres with indoor facilities (e.g. gyms, private academies) could limit the number of patrons, introduce physical separation measures, increase the frequency of cleaning, as well as issue advisories to reduce unnecessary contact, and practise public hygiene. Read More.

Will there be lessons in April 2020?
There will be no lessons in april 2020. Stay home most of the time, drink more cooling water, revise your school work, do things you enjoy doing such as exercising, sewing, cooking or playing your musical instrument and planting. Eat more vegetables and do not eat too much fried stuff. Also, do not focus too much on social media. Stay away from crowded place.
Will there be lessons in May 2020?
If the situation does not improve in April, we may extend our closure till end of May. Lets wait for the govt to provide more update.
We will be implementing a 14-day LOA if your child has travelled out of Singapore (regardless of country) on/after 14 March 2020 according to the MOE/MSF guidelines. Click here to read more
ActiveSG COVID-19 Measure on Swimming Pool Facilities
Temperature Screening & Contact Tracing will be implemented at the gantry before entry.
When did the above came into effect?
It start on 16th March 2020 (Monday) under the Directive of MOH to help contain the virus spread. Click here to read more
What is the purpose of temperature screening and contact tracing?
The purpose of contact tracing is to find people who may have the infection and to help them.
Will it affect my child's weekly swim class?
There will be no impact to your child weekly class if they cleared the temperature screening at the gantry.
MORE COVID-19 Update
How Covid-19 spread?

Children and Parents

DORSCON Explanation

What is the current Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) in Singapore?
How does the DORSCON color coded framework look like and what does the color code mean?
DORSCON color coded framework
Can we proceed with Private Lessons?
Yes we can proceed with lesson if you have not travel in and out of china during the Chinese new year period. This is only applicable to students who are currently in AQZOG Private Coaching Program. Private lesson is consider small group and it is safe to proceed.
Should swimming lessons be cancelled? Can the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) be spread through water such as via swimming pools?
[Updated 2nd Feb 2012]School swimming lessons will continue as scheduled. Our pools are safe and there is currently no evidence that transmission of the novel coronavirus (nCoV) is possible through swimming pool water. Read More.
Where can I find the latest update on such news?
Do not touch your face until you have wash your hand.
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