SwimFanatic History

Swimfanatic started out in 2016 where we held our first event at Bukit Batok Swimming Complex called “Swimfanatic Novice Race”. This event was meant to encourage newbies and giving them a chance to experience a swim race.

Year 2017, we held our second Swim meet at Queenstown Swimming Complex and the concept was quite similar to the one we did in 2016. The turn out was great and everyone had a good race and winning medals.

In year 2018, we linked up with CSC Serangoon to do a swim meet at Serangoon Swimming Complex. The turn up was awesome and the event was well organised. We even got suggestion from the participants to host an open swim meet in 2019.

Finally in 2019, we decided to organise the open water swim for the participants to fulfil their wishes. And also, we want the kid to experience nature swimming. So here we come. They may be able to do well in most swimming pool but the open sea is quite a different matter.So here is a chance to unveil your fear in open swim.

Enrol for Swimfanatic Open Water Event (30th June 2019)
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Benefits of Open Water Swim
Become a better Swimmer
Taking your swim to the wilds forces your body to work harder. Not only will you be burning calories to keep warm, tides, wind and obstacles naturally make it a harder session. So if you want to level up, go wild.
Gain Mental Calmness
Taking a dip in the sea offers a welcome escape from swimming lengths in your local pool. With time enjoying the nature, it has proven to reduce stress levels and reduce your risk of developing depression and mental illness, and is the best way to be kind to both body and mind..
Get Fitter
You will be adapting to the tough conditions and you train harder in some way.
Boost Immune System
The cold water immersion helps boost your body’s levels of the antioxidant glutathione, which in turn helps regulate the process of all other antioxidants in the body, helping to reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.
You Sleep Better too
The nature has a way to calm you down and you will be enjoying the beautiful surrounding of beautiful birds flying and chirping, the sound of the wave and the colour of the sunset. It curb your stress and you sleep better at night.
Enrol for Swimfanatic Open Water Event (30th June 2019)
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Event FAQs

We will be uploading more FAQs as we go along and keep you update on any new development. So do come back again.

What if the bad weather persist during the event?
Event will be cancelled and there will be no refund. However, participants may collect the goodies bag.
Can my kid join if he is just a beginner?
We have a 25m warm up swim. During the swim, they may choose to wear a life jacket and kickboard to swim. We have water watcher consists of life guards, coaches to stationed around the swim route to guide and watch them.
My children can swim already, is this event prove too easy for him?
Often, most kids were in the crystal clear swimming pool. This open water swim is very different from swimming pool. It has waves, and the water is salty. It just like kids on their swim adventure. But is good for them to experience open sea swim to built their confidence. They could take part in future races such as open sea swim, biathlon and triathlon.
Will the participants get all the door gifts upon enrolment?
Yes, we cater for 100 participants altogether. The registration link will close once we hit the number. We limited the number for safety reason.
What are the items inside the goodies bag?
We will be giving white silicon cap, Iron on Badge, 8 litre Dry bag, E certficiate and medal for all participants.
Where is the event held?
The event is held at East Coast Park, Area G. You can drive there or take cab or even take public transport. (See Map on this page).
Enrol for Swimfanatic Open Water Event (30th June 2019)
$ 0.00
Enrol for Swimfanatic Open Water Event (30th June 2019)
$ 0.00

Map on Event Site, Swim route and Briefing area.

Registration is open. First come first serve only. This event is definitely wallet friendly and highly recommended. The items could easily cost you more than $10. This is how much we are serious about doing events. We want your kids to enjoy and have a good swim experience. Once we meet the target, the registration link will be removed. Thanks for those who sign up.
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