Registration start 7th April 2020
Holiday Swim Program Reminder List

We will notify you when the registration is open in april 2020. The registration is base on First come first serve only.

FAQs (Holiday Swimsafer Program)
New Update from MOE Swimsafer Program
What is the latest update for year 2020 swimsafer program?
Those who attained gold under the swimsafer 2.0 will be allow to do the Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) for 50m and 100 m under the MOE swimsafer program.
My child attained his swimsafer Gold under swimsafer 1.0. Does he qualify for SSPA?
No. He will have to redo his swimsafer. Because under the swimsafer 2.0 system, there were swim timing for Freestyle, Breaststroke and Backstroke. Swimsafer 1.0 did not have such swim timing during that time so he need to upgrade to swimsafer 2.0.
What is SSPA?
Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) is a new initiative by Singapore Swimming Association which launched in 2013, an award structured to promote swimming proficiency as the platform for swimmers to enjoy all aquatic sports.

The main objectives are:
To Provide progression for swimming after SwimSafer
To raise the level of swimming proficiency of students and the general public
To increase the level of technical expertise among our swimming coaches
To provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers.

Where can I find more information?
You can find more details here.

What do I need to bring for swimsafer test
For stage 1,2, 3 & 4 (Bronze), you need to bring extra short pant and t shirt. For Stage 5 (Sliver) and Stage 6 (Gold), you need to bring extra T shirt and LONG PANT. Of course you need to bring your usual swim attire like goggle and swimming wear.
Do you conduct SSPA program?
Yes I do. You can email or WhatsApp me to find out more.
About Swimsafer
What is swimsafer all about?
The SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner.
The six-stage programme includes survival and activity skills taught each stage of the programme, and work progressively towards the next stage.
At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate.
Where can I do the theory test for swimsafer?
The swimsafer theory test link will be send to you only after we have book the test. It will be done online.
Where can I find answers to do the swimsafer theory?
June 2020 Holiday Program
Who will be the trainer for this program?
The training will be conducted by our AQZOG Founder, Mr Raymond Tan who is currently also a NROC Level 3 (Master Coach). He has 18 years of coaching experience. A former engineer with Hewlett Packard for 15 years, he left the company to pursue full time coaching since 2012.
How will I know if the group is full already?
The registration link will automatically disappear once it reached the number of participation. We only limited to 10pax per group and there is only one group for one time slot. 10 pax with 2 coaches.
Why need to do swimsafer certification?
Every year, every child will go thru the MOE swimsafer program. If there is no certificate, your child will be automatically group into total beginner even he know how to swim. With the certification, it will be a good indication and testimonial that your child can do certain strokes and can train for their next level. There are total 6 levels in swimsafer. Bronze being stage 4, Silver is stage 5 and Gold for stage 6. Stage 1, 2 and 3 are basic fundamental of swimming.
Will the cert be recognised by MOE School?
Yes, The cert is recognise and can be use for their next upgrade if they have swimming lessons in their school.
My child cannot swim. Can he join the program?
Yes, He will learn the basic of proper swimming and all the good practise about swimming. He has to be at least 4 year old and above in order to join the program. We have another coach to take care of total beginner. So rest assured they are in good hand.
What if it rain during the lessons?
We will continue with the lessons and refresh them on theory and land drills excerise. We will resume to swim if the pool is open again.
Is your online payment secured?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. (You can see the lockpad sign beside” https” indicating this website is secured). This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate.
My child failed his swimsafer in School Swim program. Is this the same program as what he did in school?
Your child can join this swimming program. It is the same program as what the school is having.
How many group are there in this holiday swim program?
There are 4 groups altogether. Each group will capped at 10 pax with 2 instructors.
After the swim program and my child like your training, can he join your weekly classes?
Yes they are welcome to join my existing classes.
What activity will be covered in the program?
They will be taught based on the checklist on swimsafer syllabus.
My child has bronze already. Can he join this program to upgrade?
Yes he is welcome to join.
Will there be a theory test and practical test at the end of the course?
Yes, there will be a theory and practical test. It will be held on 31st Dec 2019 in the morning at clementi pool.
What to bring on the actual day?
Just be there with their swimming attire. We will provide them with all the necessary accessories. All participant will be given goggle, swimming cap, goodies bag (on last day), Certificate of Participation (On last day), Keychain, Iron On Badges and goodies bag, best improvement award, most hepful award etc. It just wonderful that’s it.
Is the fee refundable?
The fee is not Refundable. So you can start planning early.
What is the minimum age to join the holiday swim program?
Minimum age is 4 year old and above.
Will my child be able to swim after the 6 days program?
Over the past few years that we hosted such holiday program, the failure rate is quite minimum. Unless the child has a very serious water phobia behaviour, then it is unlikely to recover within that short period of time. Mild phobia might still be hopeful. You can call me to find out more and discuss.
I heard you are giving the swim badges among other things. How the badges will look like?

Is Swimsafer registration affected by the PDPA introduced recently?
Yes. By signing this form, you agree that AQZOG SWIM SCHOOL, (Registration No: 53278648B)
may collect, use and disclose your personal/child’s personal data (delete as applicable), as provided in this
application form, for the purpose of the SwimSafer assessment application in accordance with the
Personal Data Protection Act 2012. So for the purpose of Swimsafer Registration, and with the permission from the stakeholder, we still have to get their IC number to do the swimsafer booking.

Where can I register for the holiday swim program?
The registration will open in april 2020. Stay tune.
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