April 8, 2018


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Thank you for your kind support. Registration is now closed. Do stay tune for our next holiday swimsafer program at clementi. Have a great day ahead.

FAQ on Holiday Swimsafer Program
What if it rain during the swimming lessons?
We will assess situation on case by case basis. If the weather is very bad before the lessons start, we will use one of the day as spare to do the replacement. The Coach will make the final call for any decision. Sometimes we have situation where the rain just stop in time for our swimming class, then we will proceed as usual. If the lessons is conducted half way and it rain, then we will proceed to do land drills and water safety exercise.
What do I need to bring for swimming classes?
You just wear your swimming attire and you should be ready for lessons. We have all the accessories such as float and kickboard on every swimming lessons. Your child will be given a swimming cap, goggle and t shirt on the first day of lesson.
Will my child be able to become water confident after your program?
Yes they will be much confident after the 6 days program. This is our 7th years in organsing such swimming program and we have helped number of kids to overcome their fear of water and be more confident in their swimming strokes. You definitely will see an improvement in the way they interact with water as times goes by.
My child never like water all his life. Is he suitable for the program?
We love to see him in person and change his attitude toward water and make friend with it. Eventually he will learn to accept the change once the instruction is clear and he know what to do about it. We have various methods to make kids love water. 🙂
Is the fee refundable?
The fee is non-refundable.
My child has swimsafer stage 3, can he join the program for his upgrade?
Yes, he can join the program for his next upgrade. Your child will be doing different skills set meant for his bronze level. His bronze training will be included during the 6 days swimming program.
You often organise your holiday swimming program at clementi, why this time you venture other places?
As a matter of fact, I love to hold it at clementi swimming complex as much as I want. Unfortunately, the pool was closed for renovation until oct 2019. So I have to shift the program to other place. I also have clients travelling from Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio to come clementi for lessons. So I would like to cater to such places to meet their demand.
Are the schedule stated confirm to start?
Yes, the event and time are confirmed.
Will my child get his swimsafer cert at the end of the lessons ?
Yes if he pass the swimsafer test.
Are there any other event my kids can take part?
We are also organsing an open water swimming event at east coast park area G on 30th June 2019 (Sunday) between 9am to 12pm. Click here for more information.

This June 2019, we are having the holiday swim program at Bukit Batok, Woodlands and Bishan. Get your kids to train with our Master Coach for the 6 days program and see them evolved. Those drills were unique and creative. You can only find it at AQZOG. Why? Cos we are always constantly finding ways to use the best and effective teaching methods not found in books.

The Class is Confirmed. We are keeping it at 8 pax per group per location for a more effective class management. Fee: $300 per pax and come with the following: Good quality Silicone Swim Cap, Goggle, T shirts, Keychain (Limited Edition), Swimmer Iron On Badges, Certificate of Achivement, Swimsafer Test, Goodies Bag + 6 Days of Effective Swimming Lessons with NROC 3 Master Coach in Swimming.

Intensive Private Lessons


Update of Group 1 Swim- 20th Nov 2018- DAY 1

Start of School Holidays, Start of Swim adventure at AQZOG. Enjoy the video for Day 1. Next lesson will commerce on 22nd Nov 2018 (Thursday). Do check us out on our next update.

Day 2 of our swimming program. The kid’s determination toward learning to swim were encouraging. Those kids were smarts and they master the strokes very well. Keep it up.

Day 3 of our swimming program. They learn freestyle, backfloat, open eye in water.

 Day 4. Swim without goggle and without support for 10m, able to perform backfloat, front float for 5 sec.



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