6 Days Holiday Swim 2018

We are excited to announce that this is our 6th Years into hosting the holiday swimming program for children. We are constantly modifying our lessons plan to make it simple and easy to follow. And guess what? Your kids will be surprise how easy learning to swim can be!!! And Everything is going to happen at Clementi Swimming Complex. Your kids will love our adventure swim so sign up soon.

FREE CAP, GOGGLES, and T Shirt will be given, Plus Souvenir too. Definitely a wise choice to enrol your kids for swimming lessons during the School holiday and get the opportunity to trained with our inhouse experienced Master Coach. Having been coaching for more than 10 years, he knows what is best for your child and bring them up to speed not within weeks but  days. 🙂

Bus route to clementi swimming complex for aqzog intensive swim program. Located at Clementi MRT STATION NO EW23, it's about 10-15 min walk from there. Clementi Pool is a very user friendly pool and is very suitable for teaching learn to swim because of a big space of consistently 0.9 meter depth training pool with a 9 lane long stairway of varying depth which is good for training for all levels. Given a suitable environment, it will allow the learner to best suit him for training purposes.
If all your answers are "Yes", then you should enrol your child now. Let your child have a good head start and learn life skills during the holiday instead of sitting at home play iPhone or ipad. We will make your kids become more water confident and be water smart too. This program is also suitable for busy kids who do not have time for their weekly lessons. Enrol early to avoid disappointment.
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