June 27, 2017


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Key points for parents to consider

Before you go:

  • Check the safety arrangements in advance
  • Teach children never to swim alone
  • Take a first aid course – know how to resuscitate a child
  • Ask your travel company if the hotel pool has a lifeguard

When you are there:

  • Actively supervise all young children near water
  • Choose pools that are fenced with locking gates
  • Even if a pool has a lifeguard – know where your children are, and what they are doing in the water
  • Let children take swimming classes whilst on holiday – they are a great way of gaining water confidence and learning essential water safety skills
  • Inflatables are not a substitute for supervision or swimming ability

Rules for children:

  • Water safety rules for children
  • Never swim alone
  • Do not dive into unknown depths of water, and only jump feet first into water
  • Do not push or jump onto others
  • Know where to get help in an emergency

Can you put your face in the water without wearing goggle?

who can swim with you?

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