September 17, 2014

Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards

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Singapore Swimming Proficiency Awards

SSPA means Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award. SSPA is an award structured program base on the ability of the swimmer to swim 4 recognized Stroke in accordance to the FINA rule. The objective SSPA is
1) To provide Progression in Swimming after Swimsafer.

2) To raise the level of swimming proficiency among students and the general public.

3) To raise the level of technical expertise among the swimming coaches to bring techniques to a new milestone.

4) To provide a talent pool of the next generation of Singapore Competitive Swimmers. (Be a stroke specialist that can swim your preferred stroke)

SSPA all Levels

Upon Completion, Students can get to collect the SSPA certicate and badges as shown.

SSPA Badges png

SSPA Registration

Last day of registration is on 9th May 2018. Register early to avoid disappointment. No entry shall be entertained after due date.

The Event is on 19th May 2018 (Saturday) at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex between 9am to 1pm. Please be punctual as the race event will start on time. This event is organised by Singapore Swimming Association. Time achieved here can be used towards qualification towards the upcoming Singapore National Swimming Championships in June 2018.  Please note that there will be no call room for this meet. All swimmers will report direct to the lane for their events. Please note that the cost is $15 per pax per event. E.g, if your child take 2 events, total will be $30. Please make payment to PayNow! at 91375141 or do a fund transfer to POSB account 047-12382-8. Thank you


Where do I sign up my Kids for SSPA?
Stroll above to register. Each event is $15.
How often does the SSPA held in Singapore?
It is held every quarter of the year. Sometimes there is a decentralised SSPA which are held commonly at Seng Kang Swimming Complex or Jurong West Swimming Complex. Details will be updated accordingly when the news are out. Centralised SSPA are usually held at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.
How many sessions of training my child need in order to qualify for SSPA?
For a start, he can do a weekly swimming lessons between 45min or 90mins. They should have some swimming proficiency by this time- At least a bronze to start with.
Do you provide SSPA Training for Kids?
Yes we do. We currently have 2 locations doing SSPA training. One is at Queenstown Swimming Complex every Sunday 5pm to 6:30pm and the other is at Bukit Batok Swimming Complex every Tuesday 7pm to 9pm. You can send email to or Sms.Whatapp 91375141 or 88282528 for more information.
Does SSPA provide my child a stepping stone to Time Trial?
The purpose of SSPA to provide swimmers an opportunity to better their swim time along the way until they meet the time trial which are held once a year in March. They need to be committed and discipline to reach their goal. Efforts reflect results. While the coach is committed to giving their best, the students should appreciate and continue to train hard.
My child trained on his own and would like to enrol in SSPA, can he?
Yes he can. Just submit his details and we will proceed to enrol him.
Do you provide competitive training in private pool or condo?
Yes we do. Call us to arrange an appointment. Email to or click the call button to reach us.
We are here on a vacation and would like my kid to try out competitive training. Can it be done?
Yes we do. Call us to arrange an appointment. Email to or click the call button to reach us.
Where can I find your other website before this?
You can go to as my other website own by the founder of AQZOG.
Where can I find information on FINA RULES?
You can read them here. This Rules is valid from 2017 until 2021. 2017_2021_swimming_12092017_ok_0
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