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A Big Thank you to all Coaches, Parents, Swimmers and Volunteers. Our SwimFanatic Event would not be successful without your participation. Our team will do a review on areas that are bad and to better manage it for our future meet. Thank you for your patience with us. 

SwimFanatic Meet Results (5th Sept 2017)[/su_heading

The Swim Meet Program is prepared by Flying Fish Swim School. You can engage Desmond Ho for any future swim meet Opportunity. Click here to view Flying Fish Swim School website.

Benefit of Swim Meet

For the swim coaches and mentors, this event will be one way to encourage your students to swim and motivate them to a new performance platform. Be it for winning, for stamina, or even earning a Personal Best timing, that is what SwimFanatic Meet is all about.

Coaches on the other hand can learn new things, exchange pointers and gather new coaching ideas. SwimFanatic event is definitely a good networking opportunities for coaches and it helps forging new friendships and ties among coaches & peers. Afterall, success is all about sharing and team effort. 🙂

This event is suitable for

  • Non club Swimmers
  • Wanting to have the competition experience
  • A test engine for next milestone, eg. SSPA
  • For kids age 4 to 14 years old
  • For the purpose of Benchmarking
  • Wanting to experience a fun race
Benefits of a young swimming competition

A swimmer who started to swim competitively at young age will provide them the following benefits:

      • Providing a supportive, wholesome social outlet.
      • Learning sportsmanship, including dealing with winning and losing.
      • Developing team camaraderie and close friendships, many for life.
      • Learning goal setting, self-discipline and self-confidence.
      • Time-management: competitive swimmers are among the best students



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