School Calendar 2020

There will be no lessons for those date marked in “RED”. Lessons is considered done if group lesson falls on holiday. **Important announcement for Friday Group 7:15pm Class. As all Activesg Pool will be closing at 5pm due to a major holiday on 24th (Fri), there will be no lesson on that day. There will also be no lesson for 25th (Sat), 26th (Sun), and 27th (Mon)- Replacement Holiday**

All AQZOG Students are REQUIRED TO wear the Swimming Cap for identification purposes. Missing cap or torn cap MUST be replaced with a new one for $10.

Students are reminded to obey the coaches and follow instructions at all times.

More FAQs on Terms and Conditions
For new sign up, what is the registration fee?
There will be a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $30 for our School Swim Cap and T- shirt (For swimsafer Test). Every Students will need to wear them all the time while having lessons.
What if it rain on that day? Will the lessons be cancelled?
Lessons carry on as usual. In the event of bad weather, we will proceed as usual. We will do land drills, conduct stroke technique clinic and water safety talk. Land drills are equally important in swimming. It helps them in the coordination on limbs movement and strengthening their core meant to stablise their body during the swim activities. So it is important that the kids attend.
Why rain/shine continue lessons and cannot do replacement?
Few reasons for continuing the lessons during rainy seasion were base on a few scenarios we came across:
1) Started raining and when approaching lesson time, the rain stopped and pool open.
2) Sometimes the pool remain open even when it is raining.
3) Cannot predict the weather
4) Standardise the process to make it a norm so as to reduce confusion among students/parents. (Rarely, unless the coach is sick or attending course/ functions, then only a make up will be arranged. He will usually text in advance).
5) To instill discpline and commitment.
Why late payment of $10 per pax need to be imposed?
As part of standardisation, we want to avoid chasing parents for payment. There are some cases of missed payment. It Is tiring to asking each and everyone to pay on time. So the late payment charge is imposed as a result You can request your bank to pay by Giro or if you want to pay monthly using your credit card is possible too. See next question.
Is your online payment secured?
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. (You can see the lockpad sign beside” https” indicating this website is secured). This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate.
Can I do payment by credit card and make recurring charge monthly?
Yes you can. Do you know also that you can earn credit card points if you pay bills/fee using your credit card? In this case, just key in the amount you are asked to pay and input students name and particular. From the dropdown menu, select either one time payment or monthly and you are done.
Recurring Monthly Fee Via Credit Card Payment
$ 0.00
Can my child move to another slot cos she had a event on that day?
No. In group class, the schedule are fixed and on going. Your child cannot move to another group as and when she please because the head count for each group is controlled to minimize interruption so that the lesson can flow more smoothly. E.g. Your child is an advance group ended up in the total beginner group.
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