August 31, 2014

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Updated for 2019. 

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There will be no lessons conducted on 5th week of the month or any lessons that fall on 29th, 30th, 31st of any month as well as Eve of major holidays due to early closure of pool & all Public Holidays. In the event of the above mentioned, the lessons shall be considered as done and there will be no make up or whatsoever.

Group Classes

i. The fee payment is done monthly (base on 4 lessons per month)  and must be done promptly UPFRONT  by the first week of every month, failing which, a penalty charge of $10 will be imposed by the 3rd Week. Payment can be done either by Fund Transfer or using PayLah!! to POSB Saving 047-12382-8 or PayNow! at 91375141. You are advised to screenshot the transaction and forward via Whatapp at 91375141 or email to whichever you deem fit.

ii All Students are required to wear our school swim cap and t shirt for pool hygiene and standardisation.  Lost or Replacement of Cap/T shirt will be charge at $10 (cap) and $12 (T shirt) respectively.

iii. Rain or Shine, our lessons will continue. Our wet weather programs include land drills, water safety talks, stroke technique and fundermentals. 

iv.  Swimming lessons are fixed and there will be no compensations, make-up or refund for bad weather (rain), absenteeism, medical certificate,  late attendance or cancellation of any sort. (Haze: If the pool is still open, the operation resume irregardless). Because resources and time have been committed to the lesson and is on going.

v. No make up or postpone of class. Firstly, it is difficult to predict the weather, especially in Singapore. It can be raining heavily 30mins before lesson but only drizzling / or stop raining entirely just before lesson or 10-15 mins into lesson. The safety guidelines most swim schools and swim coaches adhere to is that as long as there is no lightning and thunder, and visibility is not affected badly, swim lessons can continue. Hence, it is common practice for coaches to be stationed at swimming venues regardless of weather conditions and continue with lessons once conditions allow. Lessons are chargeable because resources and time have been committed to the lesson.

Aqzog PSI

vi.  There will be no lessons conducted on 5th week of the month or any lessons that fall on 29th,30th, 31st of any month as well as all Eve (Major Holiday such as Chinese New Year) & Public Holidays. In the event your class schedule is a public holiday, the lessons shall be considered as done. There will be no make up or whatsoever.

Private Lessons

i. Lost time due to late attendance or when the swimming pool is closed due to any reason will neither be refunded nor made up for.

ii. Any last minute cancellation will not be entertained unless the student informs the instructor at least 2 hours before hand after, which make-up lessons will have to be arranged directly and in favor to the instructor. (Student has to inform the instructor for postponement latest by Friday if lesson falls on weekends. Instructor may not be able to answer call/sms as they are usually engaged during the weekend).

iii. Student is responsible to arrange make up lesson if lesson is cancelled.

iv. Student will still be required to undergo at least 4 lessons on a monthly basis. Failure to undergo the minimum required lessons will result in any outstanding lessons being forfeited.

* No swimming lessons / classes will be conducted on the following days below. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of swim holidays. No make up lessons will be provided for non-premium group classes and private lessons.


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