June 7, 2016

Swim Camp update

Swim Camp Group 1 Update 5th June 2018 Day 4
Swim Camp Group 1 Update 1st June 2018 Day 3
Swim Camp Group 1 Update 31st May 2018 Day 2
Swim Camp Group 1 Update 30th May 2018 Day 1
Swim Camp Group 1 Update (Nov/Dec 2017)

Day 4 workout:
Focusing on dolphin kick and fly arm with at least 8 laps of swimming of breaststroke and freestyle. Teaching them to make a float out from a pant. Survival backstroke and treading water.

Day 3 workout:
4 x 25 back kicking with sculling- focus on relaxation, arm movement, straight body and long straight kicking
4 x 25 single arm freestyle- focus on breathing, body posture and kicking, pull-push action in water
5 x 5 dolphin kicking action
5 x 8 flutter kick with fly arm
5 x 5 breast stroke kicking action- focus on slow and fast motion
Above are some of the workout. 

Day 2: Most of the kids were swimmers. Proceed to do drills on flutter kicking, single arm freestyle, dolphin kick and fly arm too…. most kids were able to follow instruction. Easy to train. Love them wholeheartly. Sit back and enjoy our day 2 Video here.  

22nd Nov ’16 Swim camp Day 1
    • 9:25am- Gather near the medium pool (0.9m) or call it training pool to settle all the logistic such as marking attendance, issue out of tee-shirt , goggle and swim cap. + Group photo taking


    • 9:35am-break the ice, get to know each other and pool water safety rule and regulation.


  • 9:40am~ 11am- Introduction to  breathing technique, pool entry and exit, water confident games, how to wear life jacket properly,  backfloat introduction,etc.
21st June ’16 Swim camp Day 6 (Final)
Today is the final day of our swim camp. We have come to a closure for this term. To all the kids out there…. study hard and excel well in your studies. Be good and pay attention in class. 🙂
15th June ’16 Swim camp Day 5
We were faced with bad weather today but nevertheless, lesson continue as usual. The kids were taught back stroke drills in sequence and get to understand the throw rescue and performing a proper throw to victim about 3 to 5 m away. They had a memorable swimming lessons. Here’s the video for your pleasure viewing.

14th June ’16 Swim camp Day 4
The motor skill for most of them have reached the autonomous stage. Bubbling technique still need to fine tune. Out of 13 students, 4 pax need to brush up their breathing. Body position- 100% Mostly were able to do prone and sup1ne float. This group has many hardworking kids and willing to learn. Awesome. Below find the video of today’s event.

10th June ’16 Swim camp Day 3
We started with some stretching and warm up exercise before we began our swim lessons. The kids were taught breathing in swimming and recap on their prone gliding drills, kicking drills and arm action for freestyle. In a single line, the kids were tasked to do a 2X 50M flutter kicking getting their feel for water on their feet and making splashes. The coaches were around to guide and making sure they were kicking properly.

8th June ’16 Swim camp Day 2

Pool closed due to bad weather. The group did land drills, core exercises and flexibility exercise. The bad weather did not stop these kids from going for swimming lessons. The core exercise is need to build strength to support their structure such as the body, the leg and the arm power essential in swimming. The flexibility exercise is also another important element in promoting good swimming techniques. Such technique are applied on the ankle, the shoulder, leg and hips which will result in good propulsion in swimming.

Kids were taught about water safety and how to wear and use the life jacket probably. Seen here is katlin Anup doning her life jacket.

Kids learning how to perform a throw rescue.

Core exercise training is essential in Swimming. It helps built the posture and muscle development for your child.

Student Lucian performing a good streamline posture. Indeed awesome!!!! This is a very good steamline position (base position) for all strokes. Noticed how he locked his elbow and knee?

Basic jumping using leg power need to be realized in swimming especially breast stroke leg kicking action and jump start. This exercise is also a useful drills for leg flexibility.

Body rotation exercise. This is the repetitive exercise for front crawl. Similar land drills workout that is applicable to swimming. Again it is a technique based work out.

7th June ’16 Swim camp Day 1

Check our swim camp here for daily update. The students arrived as early as 9:15am and eagerly waiting for their lessons to start. Every students were given free caps, goggles and t shirts for the sign up package. They were posing for the camera before lesson start. We have 3 coaches to take care of the children as water safety was our first priority. We also want the kids to learn well and have fun.

Here’s the group of students wearing the Aqzog Swim School T shirt bearing our cute little logo. Behind the t shirt written “Nurturing Tomorrow’s Champion”. These kids really had big dreams. That was why they were here…training hard and following the likes of Phelp and Schooling……well… work hard enough and you will get there. 🙂

Students were practising their survival back stroke. Coach helping the kids to overcome their fear in water on their back. Remembering the 3 “R”= Relax, Rotation, Rhythm… I could not empathize enough that they need to be relax while on their back.  Some could relax and some couldnt…..maybe they have not gotten use to it. Some kids were saying “water get into my ear”… I assured them is normal …. just get use to it. You will be alright. Awesome kid.

Backfloat in progress. One of the essential skill in supine position in case of emergency.

Children were tasked to swim over the hoop as part of the water confident games. This created awareness of streamline body in swimming and is part of the games too.

One kid managed to jump into the hoops… The rest follows….


Students engaging attentively with the coach’s demonstration and explanation. Awesome.

unnamed (1)

Probably the sun was too bright…. we see all kind of funny expression on their faces…..A group photo taken before class dismissed.


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